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where to buy injector T's ?

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Im still repairing many things on my 92 F350 I just bought. Right now it is leaking diesel very bad. Diesel is running down the block and covering the lift pump and I see diesel puddled on the intake manifold and a few of the injectors are wet arounf the T's. My question is where is the best place to buy the replacement parts.I seen a kit on e-bay for $69 plus shipping, has anyone used it? It also smokes white even at idle after it is hot, could that be from air getting into the fuel from the leaking T's? There is hardly no blow by.
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If it running down the block by the lift pump..... ensure the filter drain is closed, check the main steel line from the lift pump to filter also..... at the filter end there is a rubber seal under the cap nut on the line.... see my gallery

Air/fuel leak points.....
Depends on which set you get 6.9 or 7.3.......and brand I use Dipaco.

6.9 have smaller passage and a pointed barb....

7.3 have a larger passage and a flat nosed barb....

Replacing the oring only is not recommended due to the caps will distort over time and will not necessarily seal on new orings.
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