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Where to find used parts for E series diesel?

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Specifically I'm looking for the cover to the airfilter box/intake for my 1997 E450 7.3 diesel cut out van. My cover has a large crack all the way across the lip, just behind where the clips pull it tight to the airfilter housing. It's currently mended with a heavy bead of JB weld, but I'm looking for something a little more durable. I checked with the dealer and the part is not available without buying the entire inake assembly for around $350 - no thanks. I would imagine there are some salvage businesses that would have all kinds of parts for these but I can't seem to find any through my own searches. Any ideas?

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In San Jose, CA area I shop at Santa Clara Truck Wreckers. They get lots of E350 and E450 cutaways for parts.

Try searching for truck wreckers in your area.

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