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Which AMSOIL trans fluid to use? Other recommendations?

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time to replace the trans fluid before the big trip from Texas to Wash DC to my new Army job.

I want to use a synthetic. I have a Racor spin on trans filter and do oil analysis. I want an oil that is ok for extended interval (assuming good analysis results). Amsoil makes two type of fluid appropriate for my truck: Their Universal synthetic and their torque-Drive synthetic. The torque drive appears to have a higher viscosity and maybe according to their site to be appropriate for extended intervals. What do you all recommend? What is the real difference between the two oils?

Was also looking at Redline oil both Synthetic and their high temp synthetic. The high temp has substantially higher viscosity. What drawbacks to using that?

Look forward to your comments.
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I also use AMSOIL ATF. Before the "X" had 5K miles I changed to AMSOIL ATF. I pull a 34' TT and was concerned with overheating the trans. Back in 2000 and 2001 I read many post about the weak link of our trucks was the trans. This is also why I purchased the Ford Extended Warranty.
When the Trans had 100K miles I sent a sample of ATF to be tested. The results were still good.
By the time I had 150K miles on Trans I decided to change all the ATF. Yes I went back with AMSOIL ATF.
Today the "X" has 199K miles with the orginal Trans

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