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Which AMSOIL trans fluid to use? Other recommendations?

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time to replace the trans fluid before the big trip from Texas to Wash DC to my new Army job.

I want to use a synthetic. I have a Racor spin on trans filter and do oil analysis. I want an oil that is ok for extended interval (assuming good analysis results). Amsoil makes two type of fluid appropriate for my truck: Their Universal synthetic and their torque-Drive synthetic. The torque drive appears to have a higher viscosity and maybe according to their site to be appropriate for extended intervals. What do you all recommend? What is the real difference between the two oils?

Was also looking at Redline oil both Synthetic and their high temp synthetic. The high temp has substantially higher viscosity. What drawbacks to using that?

Look forward to your comments.
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I am very interesting in hearing responses to this as well. I am about to drive to Madison Wisconsin for a wedding and my wifes parents live 2 blocks from Amsoil world headquarters in Superior. I just bought my X with 70k miles and want to change the trans filter and put in Amsoil ATF.

I have read not to use ATF that is made to suit both Mercron IV and V and their universal fluid claims just that.

I ran across Bob the oil guys web site on dieselstop and it has some interesting info that I have not had time to read.

I just changed the engine oil to Amsoil 20-50 racing Synthetic as I have a 16 gallon keg and thats what goes in my other vehicles. It gets damn hot here in Texas.

I have not had time to read up on their dual bypass oil filter kit but could have the inlaws pick that up too if the consensus is that it is healthy. I plan on keeping the X until some company builds a suitable replacement, and that may be a long time.


You are correct. I just ordered the recommended 15-40 diesel oil and an AE filter from Amsoil. I just bought the truck and it had dino oil of unknown quality that had 6k miles on it, and it had to come out. I bought a Motorcraft filter and filled it the the synthetic that I had on hand.

I am going to Madison Wisconsin for a wedding this weekend and my in-laws will drive down from Superior with my new diesel oil and ATF etc. They live a couple of minutes from Amsoil's world headquaters. Net time I am up there with my trailer I will buy a larger quantity.

I will change the oil as soon as I get back. I hope it does not foam too much or break down (the oil that is) with only a couple of thousand miles on it.



I just changed the engine oil to Amsoil 20-50 racing Synthetic as I have a 16 gallon keg and thats what goes in my other vehicles.

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If I understand correctly, your using this in your diesel? Is it HD diesel rated? I think Amsoil makes a diesel specific Synthetic motor oil that is probably a better choice if Amsoil is your thing. Gasoline rated engine oils regardless of who makes them, won't hold up in your PSD long since oil pressure fires your injectors and the high pressures involved causes foaming of conventional oils that leads to poor running.


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