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Which CB is everyone running?

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I need to get a new CB and was wondering what yall are running out there. I was lookin at the Galaxies. Had a Cobra 29 but need something that will reach out there a little more and not so basic. Whats your setup(antenna..placement in truck..etc)?
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Just picked up a Galaxy DX959, not installed yet because I still have to scrape some extra cash together after the mortgage payment to get a Wilson 5000.
Gmoore....Glad to hear that your happy with that setup. How did you run the coax into the cab. Did you go through the third brake light? If so is it difficult, I haven't really taken a look at it yet as far as how I'm going to run it.
Dboy11, There is no benefit to having dual whips unless one of them is a "dummy". They would be way to close together to make any noticeable improvement.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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