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Which Dual shock setup

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Hey Guys,

I have an 08 Dually with 6" procomp lift and 35" BFG's. Problem is the front end really bounces a lot and my older superduty didn't have this issue. I do have the Procomp Res single shocks up front but I don't think they are cutting it. If I put duals up front will it help? Also what bracket do you recommend and what shocks. I thought maybe some Fox shocks up front but not sure yet.

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Problem is w/ the ProComp shocks. They are a generic valving in them for any type of driving (not specific for one driving style. Everyone is different). You need shocks that can be dialed in at valving them (Fox, King, Sway-a-Ways). One properly valved shock is all you need. Most of the time duals up front is for looks.

With these heavy trucks. A 2.5" shock is best option for a every day driving truck on/off road. Of course if you want to stay in a 2" shock range. The Bilstien 7100's is the choice. You can dial in a 7100 a lot better than a Fox 2.0.. I've seen Fox 2.0's leak in little time on Dodge's (lighter than our Ford trucks). Plus there is no compromise w/ the Foxes w/ on/off road driving compared to the 7100's..
Even though the Icon Shocks are valved for the Icon coils up front and rear stock leafs w/ a block in the back. They are still limited on rebound & compression (no changing internally like a race shock you can valve for personal taste).

I have them (Icon Shock) temporarly until Carli Suspension has my King 2.5" shocks made. The Icon Shocks are still unforgiven on certain conditions. Especially if you go outside of the Icon coils up front or different leaf set up other than stock.
I understand what you are saying about the icon shocks not being adjustable but you ahve to keep in mind that many people would not ever know how to adjust their shocks and would either never do it, or never be able to get it right.
That's not a big issue on valving. Most shops that sell shocks know how to valve to your trucks driving style w/ the coil & leaf rates to work together. Or when you buy them talk to the shop or directly to King, Fox, etc... let them know what type of suspension is on your truck and your driving style.

W/ a good racing type shock (especially 2.5" or bigger). Just the daily driving on road and pulling a load, the truck is so much stable and harsh roads are a lot more pleasant. Of course off road that's where they shine.

BTW- racerxxxr, I replied back to your PM (sent)..:thumbsup:
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