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Long time PS owner first time posting. Thanks to everyone I've manages to solve a couple issues on my 7.3 while lurking in the background.

The 7.3 has been great ( bumper pulls 15,000lbs). Neither the old 6.9 or the 7.3 has ever left me stranded on the road.

The kids are growing with knees pushing into the back of the F250 extended cab seats so we are in the process of buying a 2007 F350 6.0 CC SRW.

At the most a used/new to us 2007 will get 3000 miles/year on it so there is no need to spend more on a 6.7PS tow vehicle.

I'm looking at two trucks with 70,000 miles on each. There is a couple thousand $ difference between one and the other.

Truck 1- Outlaw Short Box
2nd owner
Said to never had a tuner
4x4 - FX4
No rust
Black with black interior
4" Lift
No engine upgrades
20" Alum wheels - 11,400 tow capacity

What makes this truck appealing is that it has the same wheel base as my F250 along with being a (4") lifted Outlaw with the sunroof, tinted windows, 20" allow wheels would make it a great camping/off road/tow vehicle. A check by Ford dealer with a compression test will be done before purchase.

Truck 2- Lariat Long Box
4th owner
New Ford (not reman dealer installed) 6.0 engine & cooling system- with Ford warranty
Edge Tuner
4x4 - FX4
No lift
White with tan interior
Upgraded 4" exhaust
Rust around the back wheel wells
Larger fuel tank
18" steel wheels - 11,200 tow capacity

The new engine and warranty makes this truck very appealing but with no plans for long trips we may only get a few thousand miles on the truck before the warranty expires. Rust around the wheel wells is a concern.
We've no need for a 8' box since we have the F250.
The long box crew cab may prove to be harder to back a bumper pull into the campsites and the DW says she will be reluctant to drive it.
A blown oil pump was the cause of the new engine and cooling systems which makes one wonder if it was over tuned with poor service.

Thanks in advance for your input.

Take care

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