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Which off road lights to get

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I'd like to get some off road lights to light up the Natchez Parkway when I drive on it. I've already hit one deer, which lead me to get my ranch hand bumper, and I'd like to keep the death toll and body damage at that. I'm not looking to spend $300 for 2 lights, maybe $150. Does anyone have any suggestions....even if they are expensive. Looking for the biggest bang for the buck.
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I like the hella 4000 rally 2 floods or 2 euros the spot lights are ment for 100+ mph IMO I have used them and switched them all to euros. unless your in a dusty or snowy environment all the time they don't put off enough ambient light for the close surrounding area the euros are great have just enough ambient but have the distance also floods would be nice for windy roads and euros for longer distance :thumbsup:
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