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Rim cleaning is one of the most important stages of a complete vehicle clean, and using the right rim cleaner can make all the difference.

There are countless rim-related products available on the market, with each claiming to be the perfect solution to your rim cleaning woes. Let’s have a look at what Autoglym rim products will best suit your car.

Autoglym Clean Wheels is the perfect cleaner for regular alloy rims. The fast-acting formula removes dirt and brake dust from your rims quickly, effectively and safely, and is suitable for lacquered alloy, painted and plastic finishes.

Certain types of rims are manufactured from chemically sensitive metals. In this case traditional rim cleaners can’t be used, so an acid-free cleaner is required. Autoglym Custom Wheel Cleaner is suitable for all wheel types including alloy, lacquered alloy, steel, chrome, painted, anodised and plastic finishes.

After applying the correct rim cleaner, a wheel brush is your best friend when it comes to removing any brake dust or road grime that might be hiding in the details of your rims.

Now that your rims are clean, the next step is to dress your rubber. Autoglym Instant Tyre Dressing will return the look of your tyres to a natural black sheen, saying goodbye to that ugly faded grey appearance.

To keep your rims clean for longer use Autoglym Rim Protector, which is a hydrophobic spray sealant that creates a durable barrier from external contaminants and repels brake dust. Apply a quick spray over the surface of your clean and dry rims. It is important that the rims are 100 per cent dry before this product is applied. Any moisture can cause light hazing, which is easily wiped off.

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