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I have a 2003 f-350 i just purchased about a month ago. It runs great and have no issues with the truck until now.
The truck has always made a ticking sound which after some research i read was likely the loose maifold to turbo pipes.

When i started the truck today it started smoking very white smoke and didnt clear up. it has a very stong diesel odor. I then noticed the same white smoke coming from under the Pas. Side fenderwell. Upon further investigation Both pipes from manifold to turbo had a loose bolt. The have been re-tightened but this did not fix the leak or the white smoke. Do i need to replace the doughnut washers inside the pipe and would this cause the white smoke or did i blow an injector or something much more serious. Any help would be appreciated as this is a work truck and my other f-350 is in the Paint shop so im in a bit of a pinch.

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