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white smoke on start up

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On my 2000 on initial start up in the morning it puffs white smoke for a few seconds then it clears up and wont do it again untill it sits over night.White smoke is telling me its oil,valve seals?turbo?truck runs great other then a surge on start up in cold weather that dissapears in summer.Truck has around 150,000 on it Thanks!
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glow plugs expensive?
About $10-12 each. DON'T skimp and go for cheapy brands, as they may swell up and get stuck in the head. I'd recommend ONLY Motorcraft ZD-11 or the equivalent International #1820697C2, both made by Beru.

Click on the Hard/No Start link in my signature for how to check the GP's from outside the valve covers. If you find any of them open circuit, I'd recommend replacing all 8. It's something that someone with a just a bit of wrenching experience can do.
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