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What is the White Wire with a thin blue stripe under the dase above our left foot that is sealed at the end.


Found out via Googleing Ford 2011 SuperDuty Blue/White wire under dash. It's the Run Acc Blunt end. User accessable.

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4 of them are for the upfitter switches. The others are for PTO,etc. The White/Blue strip is Run ACC. Fuse # 10 I believe it say's in the book. Anyway check the book because I read depending on what build date the wire maybe a different color.
Battery Voltage Sources (VPWR)​
Circuit Intent
Tag Description​
Circuit No. CDC64
Wire Color: Yellow/Orange - Early builds
or White/Blue
A fused 10 amp circuit (F10)
Circuit No. CMC25
Wire Color : White/Violet
Output Signal
Ignition Hot Run/ACC
Park Brake
• Found: Blunt-cut & taped, on the harness
behind the Diagnostic Link Connector.
[25-amp] Circuit No. CAC05
Wire Color: Yellow 16awg
[25-amp] Circuit No. CAC06
Wire Color: Green / Brown 16awg
[10-amp] Circuit No. CAC07
Wire Color: Violet / Green 20awg
Ford upfitter switches: Ign-Hot-ACC Aux-4
[15-amp] Circuit No. CAC08
Wire Color: Brown 20awg​
• Found: above and to the right of parking

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how about the CHMSL wire?

anyone know if one of these is a Center High Mount Stop Light wire? or where it is either under the dash or under the hood? i know that you can tap into that at the rear bumper from the trailer plug harness but that does not work for me.

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There's a CHSML under the passenger doorsill. I can't remember the color offhand, but it's there. I used it for my ARE cap.
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