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Will 08 20's fit on my 04 F250

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I need to know if These 2008 King Ranch wheels will fit on my truck I'm going to buy them tomorrow. Please let me know.......:thumbsup:
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The wheels are 1" different in backspaceing. With 2" spacers you will be looking sharp!!! Only problem is the spacers are EXPENSIVE. For the rear spacers you are going to spend 320 from Fred Goeske, and these are the only ones that will work properly on the rear. You can get a set that will work on the front off ebay from Ez that will run you about 150. You will probably have to trim about .100 off the front studs with the 2" spacer no matter who it comes from it just depends on you stock studs. If you want a little better look you can get 1.5" from Fred for the front (no body else does em properly in 1.5") and do 1.5" front 2" rear for a really nice look that will put both front and rear right at the fender lip. But this will be more expensive and you will have to trim about .600 off the front studs if you have the long studs, which makes them "close" but okay for putting stock wheels back on. If you decide to pass on the wheels PM me, I am looking for a set.
Those spacers would work but I wouldnt trust them on my truck.
They are stronger than any wheel you would ever bolt to them. And since, in the application referred to in this post, the wheel center is only being moved out 1" past stock (with a 2 inch spacer) the moment only acts 1" further out. It is the exact same as putting a wheel on with 1 inch less than stock back space. People put wheels that stick way out on these trucks with huge tires all the time with out problems, this is no different mechanically. Yes the spacers add weight, but not as much as big tires, and they do it at a smaller radius, so again no problem
Did you buy and decided to use the wheels? If not I am looking for a set ;)
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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