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Wimpy Windshield Washer Pump???

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My windshield washer pump works, just not as well as I want it to. I want to be able to flood the windshield when hitting the wash button. Any idea on how to increase the output of the pump?

1. Upgrade pump to ???
2. Increase voltage to motor. I assume the voltage to the pump motor is regulated. Could I use some sort of relay setup and pull the power for the pump motor straight from the alternator. Would this be a higher voltage than from downstream of the batteries?
3. Build/buy some sort of circuit to increase the voltage to the motor? Anything already designed that I can buy off the shelf that steps up 12v to 16v?
4. Different nozzels?

Just kicking the idea around some.
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Opening the nozzle size would reduce the pressure by increasing volume. Spray would not reach very high up the windshield. Way cool would be to have 4 nozzels and enough pump output to supply all of them.
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