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Winch Mount pics

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looking for different ways to mount a winch on my 95 250.... Anyone have any pics?
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Behind a bumper is the best way. This is what I came up with, and it barely sticks out farther than the stock bumper would.

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What if you aren't playing - what if you actually need to get to where you're going?

If you're just playing, put your winch on a draw bar mount, and put a receiver at each end of the truck.

But if it's mounted to the front, and you need to go back, pull the cable under the truck. My bumper is built so I can pull around the ends of the bumper.
And just get more stuck?
Only if you don't know how to use a winch or drive a truck off-road. Go to p.155 of this PDF (Ch.22).
In deeper muck?
If you've already gone through the deeper stuff, why would you need the winch?
With solid ground further behind?
What are you talking about? If you're winching backward, you're winching back to the solid ground.
And still not get to where you are going?
Only if you give up and go home.
Pulling the cable under the truck can rub axles, oil pans, fuel tanks, brake lines, heat exchangers, and cross members the wrong way, doing more undercarriage harm than good.
If you can't route a winch cable any better than that, then you shouldn't have a winch. And if your truck is so delicate that it can be destroyed by a winch cable, what will happen if you drive over a log or rock?

It's called the Warn Enforcer, and... hasn't been made in more than a decade, so you can't buy one new. It's not on the Warn site (including the replacement parts page), or Amazon, or eBay... And you're not likely to find one used in good condition. So like you said: won't help you for your 1995.
Again: build it. That's the only way to get exactly what you want, and it's much cheaper than buying & modifying. Nothing you can buy would stand up to this:

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1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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