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Well it finally happened, stone kicked up and cracked my windshield.

Just wondering if there are any tinted windshields out there. The ones that have the tinting that goes across the top.

Or if anyone could recommend a brand.


Billy T.
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Keep this in mind - My window had been replaced before I bought it. It was a bad install and water leaked into the window frame. It took a couple hundred dollars of body work to remove the rusted out areas and build up the frame with fiberglass before the new window could be installed. Make sure you get someone that does it right. Cheaper isn;t always better.

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I agree. And one more thing is that if you have Allstate insurance, they will replace the windshield for free with no negative side effects to your insurance. No kidding. Not sure what other insurance companies offer this. Wife has had it done three times on different vehicles.
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