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wiring harness part# verification

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my ipr wiring harness is toast... the 2 wires at the plug are one now. i replaced my ipr and upon assembly realised the melted mess...(prob my no start problem) Anyway, the fuel heater connections have been messed with somewhere in the past so i want to replace the whole harness. it has the ipr plug, the fuel heater plugs and one other. anyone have a part# or availability? The whole harness is brittle as well so i would feel better replacing it.

this is the part number i found, correct me if i am wrong.

Fuel filter housing wiring harness F7TZ-9S277-AA

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is the melting of the ipr wiring common???

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Common enough to cause people on this board very troublesome (because not apparant and not easy to find)no-start problems that can keep a truck down for days on end.

Fuel bowl wiring harness cost me about $150 from Ford 6 months back, If anyone can get this thing from IH cheaper, please let the rest of us know. I was told 2 different stories by IH : a) It's a restricted part and we can't sell it to you; b) You can order it for $13 dam dollars , how soon do you want it.

Don't know if it's wise, but I used a half roll of plastic electric tape on my new one , re-wraping the entire harness all the way out to the end of the four (water-in-fuel,heater,restriction,IPR) leads.Wrapped it very tight, ran it back under the bowl (original path on my '96) but I did tie-wrap some of it up away from the worst of the engine heat.

Like has been said in the above posts, it's the chronic fuel leaks and HEAT that turns these things brittle.

Tom in Pearland,Tx., '96 PSD cc dually, 158K.
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