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WMO/ATF/Synthetic/W85 Questions

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I'm going to start running W85 in my truck in the next few weeks as soon as all my supplies get ordered/shipped and I can do my first filtration. I'm going to go with a pabiodieselsupply 120gph centrifuge setup for my 2000 PSD. With the centrifuge, it will be extremely clean at .5 microns. My source of fuel will be a mixture of synthetic/non synthetic WMO & ATF.

Here are my questions:

1.)Can I just start running W85 immediately or do I need to wean the truck onto a W85 mixture?

2.) If I run out for whatever reason, can I immediately switch back to a few tanks of straight D2 on occasion?

3.) Is there any problem with running large amounts of synthetic?

4.)Any problem running a random mixture of WMO & ATF with 15% UG?

5.) Any problems with dumping a mixture of W85 into a tank half full of straight D2?
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I had about 5 gallons D2 in my tank. Simply put 10 gallons W85 into the tank and ran it. Seems to run fine... no weaning for me. Haven't tried it but I'm pretty sure you can run any of the WMO & ATF with each other and D2. The only thing that you don't want to do is run W85 with the WVO. I've heard that can cause bad things to happen.
I got 110 gallons of the stuff I'm running right now. It was from a marina and the owner warned me that they were mostly synthetics. I haven't had any trouble with it as of yet. I did mix it into my big storage container so it was probably 50/50 synthetic/dino.
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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