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WMO/ATF/Synthetic/W85 Questions

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I'm going to start running W85 in my truck in the next few weeks as soon as all my supplies get ordered/shipped and I can do my first filtration. I'm going to go with a pabiodieselsupply 120gph centrifuge setup for my 2000 PSD. With the centrifuge, it will be extremely clean at .5 microns. My source of fuel will be a mixture of synthetic/non synthetic WMO & ATF.

Here are my questions:

1.)Can I just start running W85 immediately or do I need to wean the truck onto a W85 mixture?

2.) If I run out for whatever reason, can I immediately switch back to a few tanks of straight D2 on occasion?

3.) Is there any problem with running large amounts of synthetic?

4.)Any problem running a random mixture of WMO & ATF with 15% UG?

5.) Any problems with dumping a mixture of W85 into a tank half full of straight D2?
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Thanks for answering all my questions. Glad to hear synthetic isnt a total deal killer but should be avoided if possible. Most cars in my area run synthetic so it will certain account for a good percentage of oils.

Since I'll be using a centrifuge, can I run W85 through the centrifuge? It would seem that the contaminants would separate easier in the centrifuge if had already added the 15% UG into the mix. Are there flammability issues with running W85 through the centrifuge?
Another question: How do you guys mix in your 15% UG?

It seems like doing it in the same 55 gallon drum to be used to centrifuge would make most sense. From there, I would use a transfer pump to pump from the 55 gallon drum to my truck tank. The only problem is, almost all transfer pumps are not rated for gasoline. Is it ok to run w85 through a pump not rated for gasoline?

And for that matter, anyone have a specific suggestion for a 12v transfer pump? There are certainly nicer ones, but this one looks like it might work:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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