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WMO/ATF/Synthetic/W85 Questions

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I'm going to start running W85 in my truck in the next few weeks as soon as all my supplies get ordered/shipped and I can do my first filtration. I'm going to go with a pabiodieselsupply 120gph centrifuge setup for my 2000 PSD. With the centrifuge, it will be extremely clean at .5 microns. My source of fuel will be a mixture of synthetic/non synthetic WMO & ATF.

Here are my questions:

1.)Can I just start running W85 immediately or do I need to wean the truck onto a W85 mixture?

2.) If I run out for whatever reason, can I immediately switch back to a few tanks of straight D2 on occasion?

3.) Is there any problem with running large amounts of synthetic?

4.)Any problem running a random mixture of WMO & ATF with 15% UG?

5.) Any problems with dumping a mixture of W85 into a tank half full of straight D2?
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synthetic is great.
My order of preference: hydraulic, ATF, Synthetic car oil (usually thin), car oil, diesel oil (plugs processing filters....)
all of us I know of use filters and not a centrifuge.

all of us use a different pump then you are considering.

I pour the gasoline on top of the oil, then mix it by blowing bubbles with my air compressor/ air nozzle up through the oil.

hope it works for you!
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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