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working on the truck this weekend....

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I fianally got around to ordering an exhaust from Dale @ Tymar Performance. He is a very nice guy, and knows what hes talking about.

So my plans for the weekend is to install my 3x4" down pipe, my full 4" exhaust, no cat, the muffler, and a 5" polished SS tip.

Gut the EBPV.

I also ordered a boost gauge, and a gauge pod, and i got a pyrometer off of ebay as well. so I will be installing that when it comes in.

I got a Banks Boss Hoss chip from hitechredneck, so i will be installing that this weekend as well.

i will be installing my hitch this weekend too.

I talked to cory about installing the chip, but does anyone have a link, or know where theres a how to site showing step by step how to install the chip?

also have any other links or insite on how to install the gauges post that too.....

thanks in advance....
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That's the page I used to install mine, wasn't as big of a deal as I thought. If you have any questions PM me or just ask, I just did mine a few days ago. What a difference! Whole new truck!
I haven't towed anything with the chip yet but the power will definetly be there. I can tell this already that you are going to have to watch your egt's very carefully. At a dead stop with no load I can screech the tires when I take off in the tow setting. This old truck never knew how to do that before. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif
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