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Would you buy the gasser again?

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I really have no need for a diesel but I do really like the Super Duty trucks. So as the title states if something happened to your truck today would you buy another 6.2 liter powered Super Duty.

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I've only got 10k miles on mine, but happy so far. Average 11.9-12 mpg. That is with racks and boxes and limited highway driving. Pulls trailers fine, just won't walk up grades on the highway. Really have to get her screaming to hold speed. 4-6 gear isn't a problem but if it kicks into 3rd I get scared. Try to slow down before that happens. Still gets me from point A to B.
I bought a 2017 gas F-250. With 3000 mikes on it so far I like it very much.
We just sold our 2006 F350 SD turbodiesel 6.0L (crew cab, dually, LB), it ate us up in repair costs! Turns out (watch the Bulletproofing video) that engine had 4 subsystems that are (now) known to be a problem. The dealership diesel mechanic called me and asked if I ran errands in the truck, and stressed that one needs to "get on it" with the 6.0L engine, or it "cokes up" and must be cleaned out. $15K in repair bills was enough! We just bought a 2015 F350 Lariat gasser.
Large 6.7 repair bills scare me.
It is easy to justify my 7.3 I have 300,000 on it and runs like new. I will do a body off restoration when I hit 500,000. I also have an f150 and love both but my f250 wil, last three times as long.
Seriously looking to go gas as well. While my 2000 has been great and I love it, every time it goes into the shop(12-18months) it's $1500-2000. Sure it's less than buying new but that gets old. MPG's suck...I get 10 towing and 13 all around. The ride is rough and it's noisy as hell. Maybe I'm just getting old but the old school diesel rattle is not that appealing. And believe it or not I'm on the original tranny at 175K and feel like now is the time before I dump a bunch more money into it. I don't need the dually anymore. I only tow a 5200lb boat and haul a 1500lb truck camper. While I don't daily drive my truck, I'd have to get rid of my daily driver in order to make this happen.

As many have said, I might be able to get by with a F150 other than needing an 8' bed for the slide in. Cost is about the same between an F150 vs a F350. I have friends that have the 6.7 and it has tons of power but I keep my rigs a long time and owning a 6.7 past warranty is scary. I just want something reliable with low maintenance costs. I looked at a couple 2017 F350 XL's yesterday and they are nice. Did everything but drive them as I'm not quite ready for that.... :)
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Id like to have a regular cab DRW, But Im now thing about switching to a dodge 6.7
Must be getting a little more serious since I test drove a Ram 3500 with the 6.4L Hemi last night then went down the street and test drove a F350 with the 6.2L. Both nice rigs but we liked the Ford a lot better. I think the Ram would be cheaper but Ford seem bigger in every way. Ride is bit nicer and we thought the Ford was quieter inside. We had to laugh that we could carry on a conversation in normal voice.
I really like my 6.2, but Id like to have a diesel for long rv trips. Id like my next truck to be a DRW,But the ford 6.7 really scares me.

I wonder what a DRW with 4.30 gears would get for fuel mileage?
I've been driving a dually for the last 15 years. It's great for heavy loads or towing. Never thought I'd part with my truck but I just don't need the dually anymore and I'm tired of the upkeep. You couldn't give me one of these new diesels. I don't like payments and once it's out of warranty, no thanks.

Buddy of mine has a 12 F450 6.7 with the 4.30. He gets 12-13 empty and 9-10 towing. Has gobs of power. It's impressive but he needs it to haul a 4500 slide in camper and tow a 11,000lb boat. I'm going gasser and not looking back...just looking ahead for a gas station. LOL
My next truck will be the 6.2L Gas. My F150 is great in the traffic of Honolulu. Looking to move up to the F350 SRW in few years.
Out here in the traffic, the 6.7L just will not perform as it should. The diesel has to work hard to get the best out of it.
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Here, a list of all truck I owned:
1996 Ford Ranger 2.3 L Turbo Diesel
1991 Ford F350 7.3 L Diesel
1997 Dodge Ram 5.9 L Diesel
2003 Ford F350 Diesel
2004 Ford F350 Diesel
And now I own a 2015 Ford F350 with the 6.2 L Gaz. I am 100% Satisfied. The truck has 52000 Miles and I had absolutely no problems at all. It is very cheap on the maintenance cost. The max trailer weight that I tow is about 10 000 lbs. I also tow a 1130 Lance camper. The truck and the transmission behave perfectly. Previous 2004 diesel was running around 14-15 Miles Per Gallon (US). The current 6.2 L Gaz run at 10-11 Miles Per Gallon (US).
25 years of owning a diesel and i won't buy another. The maintenance out of warranty scares the crap out of me! I tend to keep trucks to about 250K miles and pay cash. Love my 6.2 133k on it right now. One of the best trucks i have owned. BTW, Unless you trade within warranty the diesel resale is NOT that great as people are gun-shy on out of warranty used diesels....
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