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WW Question......

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Am I able to put a WW on my early '99 7.3L? All the sites I have seen only list the WW for a 99.5 and up. And if I can, what benefit will I see from it? The only mods I have are a Hypertech PP III, and a muffler and cat delete, and a homemade intake(napa 6637). Please help.
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Sorry but the ATS housing wont fit your early 99. You actually have a smaller turbo than the 99 1/2 and up trucks. Smaller intakes and intake spider also.

The 99 1/2 and up is bigger stuff. If you ever decide to change to a van turbo or a BB turbo you will have to change all the parts to 99 1/2 and up parts.

If you are even thinking more performance you need to start looking for parts along and along until you have what you need to convert to the bigger stuff. It would be cheaper this way if that is what you have in mind.

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