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X in for Work

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Got my 2003 X in for it's mechanical face lift at the moment

1st is an OEM Pan replacement I bought a new OEM Pan and had it sand blasted and preped with a nickel type coating and then powder coated for more years of use that I will see from this truck

The motor is out of the truck for this work

at the same time I am replacing the original oem fuel lines all fuel filters
and all new fluids front to back..

also replacing the torq converter with a suncoast triple clutch converter
I already had a billet pan installed.

the turbo is being removed and inspected and cleaned not sure what will be found, but being done due to some o ring leakage where it mount

also putting in an egt sensor for the new SCT Extreem Touch Screen tuner

also adding a SS Turbo Back MBRP 4" Exhaust and Banks Cold Air Kit

additionally replacing all the brake pads going Hawks to Napa's for now to see if I like them better.

Bought a newly built drive shaft from Carolina Drive Line with spicer joints to take care of my drive line vibration that has been Identified as the slip yoke on the OEM shaft with tooo much play.. actually a great price from them
shipped to my door..

then it's in for an external Face Lift with new hood and body work touch up and paint

I am shying away from aftermarket rims but was thinking of taking my OEM rims and having them prep'd and powder coated black and the re-rubbered with the same Cooper 275 ATR's.

I really like these Cooper Tires.. so I will be sticking with them.. I found that the 275 mounted on my OEM Rims that my Speedo and GPS are pretty much identical as far as MPH goes hi-way cruizing goes..

it was either a mechanical / body face lift or a New Truck with a 6.7 with a BIG Note.. I like my decision at the moment!!

Think I am going to also add a firestone air bag kit for load leveling
and my X should be good for a few years to come.. Maybe a new sound system and some refresh work on the front seats as well.. they cuold use it!!
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Nice, that's a lot of work! Def. post up some pics once you get her back.
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