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X-plan pin number question

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I belong to EAA and I have x-plan, but my stepson wants to buy a new car and I was wondering if I can get a pin number for him. Should I fill out the info in his name with his social security number or mine. If anyone could answer this one I would be extremely greatful. He's going to buy the car tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
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"Who is eligible to participate in EAA's Partner Recognition Program?

Beginning Sept 12, 2006, a significant change in the plan goes into effect that rewards loyal and sustaining membership of EAA. Only individuals who have been EAA members for one full year or more will be eligible for the plan. Also members of the EAA member's household are now eligible - that means any family member or friend who lives with the EAA member can participate as long as their valid driver's license proves household status. Those who joined on or before November 30, 2001, will be grand fathered into the program, making them eligible to participate in the program."

If your son can prove the same address as you your EAA PINs will work.
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