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X-plan pin number question

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I belong to EAA and I have x-plan, but my stepson wants to buy a new car and I was wondering if I can get a pin number for him. Should I fill out the info in his name with his social security number or mine. If anyone could answer this one I would be extremely greatful. He's going to buy the car tomorrow. Thanks in advance.
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You may want to check your X-plan provider’s rules as to who is eligible, as the standard X-plan and the Ford Partner Recognition Program which is also considered X-plan have different rules. Usually a X-plan PIN provided by a employer or organization are only for that particular person and possibly thier spouse, it cannot be used by other family members or friends. However a Ford employee/retiree can issue a X-plan PIN to pretty much whomever they choose, as the eligibility rules are different.
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