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YEEHAW YALL from Amite Louisiana

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hello yall my name is kenny im new to this community i have now owned 3 diesels i currently have one i drive a 95 f250 p.s. 7.3 auto and am fixing a 93 4 door 5spd idi diesel dually i love these trucks have some questions the 93 im going to keep cuz i have 3 lil ones but it doesnt run yet i was wondering if the 5sp tranny with flywheel and clutch from the 93 idi 7.3 would work behind the 95 P.S. 7.3 i am thinking bout putting the turbo diesel out of my 95 into my 93 i am a decent mechanic so i can handle it i just need to know if theyll work together or am cocidering a cummins 5.9 from a dodge but i already have the 2bfords so any help would be greatly appreciated
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