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ZF-6 Pilot saver bushing or Kevlar pilot bearing

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What's better? the South Bend Kevlar bearing and a quick dress with 600 wet dry or the pilot saver bushing and sealed bearing kit on Ebay?

How hard to replace the front bearing on the ZF-6 while it's out?
Does it come out as easy as a front bearing on a Munci M22 or BW T-10
What does that bearing cost?

Thanks All


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Could you put a link to the pilot saver you're considering? Just curious.
Did you find a bronze bushing that will fit? I don't have a standard, so I was kind of staying out of the debate. I have to tell you though - I hate needle bearings. Seem like an accident waiting to happen. The bronze bushings seem to be indestructable. I've pulled them out of 50 year old cars and found minimal to no wear.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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