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ZF-6 Pilot saver bushing or Kevlar pilot bearing

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What's better? the South Bend Kevlar bearing and a quick dress with 600 wet dry or the pilot saver bushing and sealed bearing kit on Ebay?

How hard to replace the front bearing on the ZF-6 while it's out?
Does it come out as easy as a front bearing on a Munci M22 or BW T-10
What does that bearing cost?

Thanks All


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Since that claims to be a repair kit, you need to triple check the dimensions of the parts. I've seen some similar to that where you had to smooth out the input shaft, then get the hole in the flywheel machined larger for the new bearing to fit.

The concept of the needle bearings seems like a great idea unless you end up with a fuel leak that soaks the clutch and dries out the grease. I've seen too many people complain about the kevlar bushing just falling out when they pull the tranny after 40k - 50k miles. I don't know if the kevlar has anything to do with it, but it seems to work itself loose and just slide around in there until you pull the tranny next.

A loose bushing seems like it could cause damage to the input shaft, but I haven't read about any damage from them yet, just several reports of them coming loose.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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