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There is not a lot of info on these trans so I thought I would post this in the hopes it would help someone with the same problems

Has anyone else had trouble with the roll pins falling out of the shift forks? I have this happen twice now. The first time I was traveling and wound up putting in a new transmision. This time it was the 1,2,3,4 shift rail driver.
I managed to repalce the roll pin through the shift tower hole.


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Never heard of that happening. I've gone thru a few trannies, but never seen issues with the shift forks. Was this on a rebuild or a factory tranny? If a rebuild, maybe someone reused a roll pin that lost it's tension to stay in the hole. :shrug03:

The shift forks and the shift rail driver all get two roll pins. Here's an excerpt from the assembly instructions.

Install the main shift rail driver and a new large roll pin, then install a new small roll pin.
  • Install the large roll pin with the opening away from the gearset.

  • Install the small roll pin with the opening 180 degrees from the opening in the large roll pin
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