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zf6 swap complete....almost

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just got done swapping in a 99 zf6 in to my 96 f350. it was an auto. the only problem i have is i cant get the clutch to release completely. cant put it in gear with the motor running, wont shift with the clutch but i can "float" the gears. i have the stock obs pedals and master cylinder with a zf6 slave cylinder.6 speed flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate. was there supposed to be a spacer behind the flywheel like the tc had? any ideas? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif its been done for 2 days and cant get this last little bit worked out. ive been so frustrated ive thought about selling it lol. any help is greatly appreciated. jesse :
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Re: zf6 swap complete....and a few questions

Not sure if this is similar or even what you are talking about. On the ZF-5 there is a metal plate on top of the trans held on by 4 bolts. This is around the lower part of the shifter where it goes into the trans and the bar bolts on to go into the cab. Under this cover is a gasket. I got mine from Ford. They are very cheap.
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