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zf6 swap complete....almost

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just got done swapping in a 99 zf6 in to my 96 f350. it was an auto. the only problem i have is i cant get the clutch to release completely. cant put it in gear with the motor running, wont shift with the clutch but i can "float" the gears. i have the stock obs pedals and master cylinder with a zf6 slave cylinder.6 speed flywheel, clutch, and pressure plate. was there supposed to be a spacer behind the flywheel like the tc had? any ideas? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif its been done for 2 days and cant get this last little bit worked out. ive been so frustrated ive thought about selling it lol. any help is greatly appreciated. jesse :
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got it fixed. it was just a bad master have a total of $3330 in the total swap.3000 for zf6, np271,drive shafts, cross member,pedals, slave cylinder and master cylinder, new luk clutch flywheel and presure plate. 270 for drive shafts. and 50 for new master cylinder. total install time took about 10 that i have it done theres no way i would go back to an auto, even if they are better. thanks for the help
I prefer a stick so dont get me wrong but find me a zf6 the can hang with a BTS. i know ill be needing a clutch before to long also. thinking about the south bend dual disc. just didnt have the money right now. anyone know of a good shifter for the zf6? not worried about a short throw so much as i am sonething that has stops. feels like its to easy to overshift.
Re: zf6 swap complete....and a few questions

i have a 99 zf6 in my 96 f350. i was wondering if anyone knows where i can get the seal the goes around the shifter nub where it comes out of the tranny. mine is torn and im tired of it leaking and leaving spots everywhere. also if its normal for the clutch to catch right of the floor. and second seems like somethings wrong. when you pull it back to where it fells like it should be it will grind, pull it a little further and its fine. but its further back than L or 4th. think i might have a bent fork?
Re: zf6 swap complete....and a few questions

1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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