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So I put in a replacement/used motor over Labor Day weekend, and while I'm in there, would be crazy not to replace the clutch, right, although the existing Valeo clutch really didnt look that bad. Bought a new Luk rep-set, matched clutch, PP, flywheel and throwout bearing. Installed it, no issues, at startup it seemed to work beautifully, with noticeably less effort than the previous one.

Engine developed a pan leak, however, which required me to pull the trans. When I did, I noticed some aluminum shavings in the bell housing, and upon examination, it appears that the clutch fork had rubbed areas on the interior of the bell housing, both above and below the clutch fork at both ends. The most significant rubbed area was at the bottom end of the fork where it is pushed by the slave cylinder, as shown in the first pic. The rubbed spots on the anchor stud end are fairly small and hard to see.

At first I thought the new release bearing (throw out bearing) that came in my Luk kit must be defective, as it seemed to have a lot of play around the input shaft. So I compared it to the old release bearing, which seemed to have about the same amount of play. And in neither case did it seem like the amount of play was anywhere near enough to allow the fork to come in contact with the bell housing. I other words, I could not make the fork come close to touching the bell housing by moving it around by hand.

So I'm at a loss as to how this damage happened, or whether or not it is even an issue. Thoughts, please???
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